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Teething Pads \"Birds on a Wire Melone\"

Teething Pads "Birds on a Wire Melone"

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15,00 €[incl. 20% tax]
The teething pad protects your shoulder strap from saliva during the time your baby is teething and chewing on everything.  Due to two different ways of attaching, they can also be a comfortable way to narrow the shoulder straps. Machine washable and easy to attach with snaps. Our teething pads are the perfect accessory for your Fräulein Hübsch carrier. With them you don´t need to wash the whole carrier everytime your baby drools. Available in all the colors and patterns of our carriers.

Our teething pad made of a layer Jacquard weaving and a layer absorbent terry cloth. Both in the usual organic quality!
100% organic cotton
Washable with handwash or wool programm in the washing machine
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